The Ciguë is a self-managed housing cooperative for people in training. The selfmanagement
means that it is a highly participative cooperative: the cooperators are
involved into their housing as well as within the Ciguë’s functioning. This one is
managed by the cooperators through their participation in the decision-making bodies
that are the  General Assembly and the Administration Council, and in the committees
or working groups which give rhythm to the Ciguë’s life. The Working Team is the
cooperative’s management organ. It has to insure all the tasks relating to the smooth
running of the cooperation, in narrow connection with the elected Administration
Council, according to the guidelines given by the General Assembly and in compliance
with the aims and values defined by the Ciguë’s statutes and rules. Therefore, to
work, the Ciguë needs the cooperators’s participation at every level of the

The Ciguë consists of many different buildings and houses, distributed in
the town of Geneva and in its canton (state). The number of people per flat can range
from 2 to 15 roommates. Each housing has its own specificities and identity wealth,
and as shared apartments, every student shares his/her housing, common chores,
parties and bills, all in the desire to live together.