At the heart of the new eco-neighborhood of the Vergers, the building of the Ciguë promotes a living environment where social attractiveness and richness of exchange are expressed as the preponderant elements of cooperative life. It offers qualities of habitability conducive to spontaneous meetings and the appropriation of the common space through large corridors and generous duplex with rich and varied perspectives. The proposed architecture combines community and intimacy in a restricted space-time.


Rue des Arpenteurs 6

Completed in 2018
Dreier & Frenzel Architectes
Labels Minergie A, P et Eco
Subventions : Ocen, Fond Communal Energie de la Ville de Meyrin
Donations: Loterie Romande, Fondation Wilsdorf
6 duplex, 4 simplex “families”
70 rooms
1 common room
2 arcades et 1 restaurant