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The history of the cooperative through 30 dates

1985: The CUAE (University Conference of the Students Association) is in turmoil,
aiming to bring forward a student’s cooperative project for accommodation, that is in
the making since a long time.

18th of April 1986: Constitutive Assembly of the Ciguë (Student’s Geneva real estate
university cooperative). More than a dozen of university students join in.

12th of June 1986: A first agreement for loan use is signed with the City of Geneva:
8 apartments at 24 rue de Montbrillant are lent to the Ciguë. 18 cooperators are
accommodated there in August, until July 1987.

December 1986: In Bern, the Ciguë and the UNES (National Union of Students of
Switzerland), organize a conference about the student cooperative housings. After this
conference, a national fund for cooperative accommodation of young people in
training is created.

5th of Oct. 1988: The Ciguë takes part in the debates of the “General states against
the housing crises” and approves of the Charter 88, which is its outcome.

20th of June 1989: The Administrative Council of the City of Geneva grants the Ciguë
a surface right in Îlot 13.

November 1989: Symbolic Occupation in Uni Dufour within the national action for
housing organized by UNES.

23rd of May 1992: The Ciguë and the CUAE organize “The housing geneva assizes”.
Managers and political people are invited to talk about the housing shortage.

20th of April 1996: the Ciguë celebrates its 10 years in Bois-Gentil, a three villas
block (1987 – 2003).

January 1998: Opening of our first building 16-18, rue de Montbrillant.

June 2000: Membership to the Geneva Housing Cooperative’s Grouping. Founding

2001: The obtaining of the California building in Pâquis, 70 studios.

2nd of September 2002: After obtaining the right of surface transferred by the city,
the Ciguë obtains the restoration project of Clos voltaire.

2003: The obtaining of the Tortue from the University of Geneva in the Malagnou
street. The State of Geneva becomes its owner in 2013.

April 2003: Creation and first delegates board meeting.

June 2003: Prize-winner of the fellowship for the Geneva State’s Sustainable
Development for the project « coquelicot », carried by the Ciguë and the CODHA.

2004-2012: The obtaining of the Libellules by the Emile-Dupont Foundation, 50
accommodated cooperators.

2004: Ending of the Ouches construction in partnership with the Codha cooperative.
20 students move in 2 big duplex that comply with the ecological label Minergie.

2004: Creation of the ecological charter.

February 2008: Creation of the attribution committee.

2009: Ending of the renovation of Clos-Voltaire, it accommodates 25 people in
training and a multi-purpose space for the Délices neighborhood.

2009: Opening of the Pavillons with 40 rooms and a big common room. With this
building, the Ciguë builds the first Minergie P-Eco building of Switzerland.

2010: Creation of the mediation committee which is now the group Tout’Ouïe.

2011: Creation of an Administration Council open to volunteers.

2011: Opening of the Coulouvrenière, a surface right with the City which allows the
housing of 48 students.

2012: The cooperative obtains a surface right in the future Eco neighborhood of the
Vergers in Meyrin; and obtains 15 % of the rights for building in the Saules street in
association with the Evolution and Codha cooperatives.

2013: Ending of the constructions in Pont d’arve, in right of surface with the FPLC, 25
new rooms.

2014-2016: 20 apartments in the Chemin de la Montagne, 50 rented rooms. Private

February 2015: Opening of the renovation and the transformation of Chaponnière,
48 new rooms.

February 2018: The arrival of the new inhabitants in the Vergers building within the
eco neighborhood of Meyrin.