The Ciguë has four common rooms, that can be rented to all persons or reserved free of charge to members of the cooperative.


Les Vergers Les Bavillons La Coulou Le Multatuli


How to rent a common room

– Consult the online calendar of the room you wish to book to check availability.

– Reserve by e-mail or directly by telephone at the Ciguë office, during office hours.

– After receiving confirmation from us, come to the Hemlock office during office hours to pick up the key, fill in the rental form (a deposit of 100 francs will be requested in exchange for the key, and returned when the key is returned).

– After use, users are asked to return the key to the office as soon as possible.

The procedure for cooperative users remains the same, including the deposit, but rental is free of charge for all non-profit use.


Rental conditions

– We do not rent out the rooms for noisy activities, especially parties, weddings, birthdays that end late with amplified music.

– The rooms are available for activities such as meetings, exhibitions, courses, workshops, screenings, meals, children’s birthday parties in the afternoon, and so on.

– It is imperative to respect the peace and quiet of the immediate neighborhood when using our rooms.

– The room must be left clean and tidy, at the risk of being billed for cleaning costs. Cleaning time must be included in the rental hours booked.

– Please book at least one week in advance.

– ATTENTION: Weekend rentals are exceptional and punctual.

– We formally remind you that the room must not be a prerequisite for any lucrative activity, and that the rental may not be extended according to requests and different needs. La Ciguë reserves the right to cancel bookings for its own internal needs.


Rental rates

10 francs / hour for non-profit activities (meetings, etc…)
20 francs / hour for profit-making activities (paid courses, etc…)
For Ciguë cooperators – free for non-profit activities


Ciguë office opening hours

Tuesday, 9.30am to 12pm and 1.30pm to 5.30pm
Thursday, 9:30am to 12pm and 1:30pm to 5:30pm