Subletting is allowed in the Ciguë, as long as it respects a few main points:

1. Subletting of more than one month must be announced to the Ciguë’s office (name, e-mail and phone number of the subtenant), this in case of emergency.
2. Maximum subletting time cannot exceed 6 months (the duration of an exchange semester), past 6 months you must return your lease.
3. Every other roommate of the apartment has to agree on the choice of the subtenant.
4. By subletting your room you remain responsible for the rent’s payment and for the possible debts (or damages) made by your subtenant while your are gone.
5. The Ciguë will not sign a contract with your subtenant, but we advise you to make a subletting contract between you and your subtenant. Below is an example: This document does not commit The Ciguë in any way.
6. It is strictly forbidden to sublet your room for a more expensive rent (including loads) than the one written on your lease contract, at the risk of a pure and simple termination of your lease. The rent prices are public and available on our site.
7. The chosen subtenant meets the Ciguë’s criteria, in the same way as all the other cooperative’s inhabitants (be in training, earn less than CHF 3000.- a month, be more than 18 years old).

This politics is governed by the article 18 for the use regulation and common life.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the office..