Clos Voltaire

A very beautiful XVIII century home listed as build heritage, the Clos Voltaire was purchased by the City of Geneva in 2002. The municipality then gave surface rights to the Ciguë, in light of the creation of 30 student rooms. The restoration of the Clos Voltaire was placed under a shared project management between the City of Geneva, responsible for the restoration of the building’s walls and exteriors, and the Ciguë, responsible for the construction of rooms destined for student use.

Two communal appartments of 14 and 16 rooms each were build, each equipped with a large kitchen and living room providing exceptional living conditions in the heart of the Parc des Délices.


Rue de Lyon 49-49A, Le Clos-Voltaire

Renovation completed in October 2009
Architect: G. M. Architectes Associés SA
Procedure : Call for projects
Right of use contract on land owned by the City of Geneva
Minergie label (ecological ranking)
Donations: Loterie Romande, Hans Wilsdorf, CGTF (Université de Genève), FPLC
2 apartments
30 rooms
1 common room shared with residents of the neighbourhood