Statutes of la Ciguë

Regulations and conventions


Unlike many other structures, at La Ciguë, we give priority to the freedom of roommates in the choice of future roommates. La Ciguë is based on the principles of inclusiveness and solidarity. The allocation model meets this requirement by allowing everyone to meet the cooperators and move in at La Ciguë.

Don’t hesitate to use this guide when organizing allocations in your shared apartment! You’ll find a number of suggestions for how it might work.

Its contents are not exhaustive, and any other suggestions are welcome.


Roommate meetings, committee meetings, CA meetings, Work Team meetings, AGs… meetings are important occasions for discussion and collective decision-making at all levels of La Ciguë. Although each meeting is different and unique, there are often certain elements that must be respected if they are to run smoothly. That’s why we put together a short guide to help you organize your meetings.



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Activity reports

Rapport d’activités 2022


Old activity reports :

Rapport d’activités 2021

Rapport d’activités 2020

Rapport d’activités 2019

Rapport d’activités 2018


The Statutes, regulations, and ecological charter of the Ciguë are currently only available in French and Spanish.

If you have skills in translating from French to English, Spanish, or German, and can help us translate these documents, please contact