For the registrations to get a room: you have to assist at our webinar scheduled here:



New procedure COVID-19

The regular procedure at Ciguë’s office is canceled for now.

For the registrations to get a room you have to assist at our webinar scheduled here:

Here you have the link to assist to the webinar :






For a brief description of our cooperative : What is the Ciguë?

The only way to join our mailing list to receive the rooms notices is to come personally to the Ciguë’s office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Due to pandemic situation, this procedure has changed. Please read above for further information.

From then on and during two months, you will receive the announcements of available rooms with the address, the rents and the contacts.

What follows is what we call the allocation system : when a room is available in an apartment that already exists, it is this apartment’s inhabitants who
choose their new roommate during a meeting that they will organize. You will be able to visit the room at this moment. In case of new housings, the Ciguë’s commission of allocation, formed by voluntary cooperators, will take care of meeting the candidates.

In the Ciguë, we do not hold waiting lists, nor bookings. Also we do not take applications by email.

The criteria to get a room:

To live in the Ciguë, these criteria must all be filled during all the time of the person’s housing within the cooperative:

– One has to be a student as a main activity, be apprenticed or on an internship with valid documentary proof (12h / week minimum).
– One has to prove of an income lower than 3’000.-CHF per month (average calculated
on the year).
– One has to be more than 18 years old.

The maximal time of stay in the Ciguë is of 5 years.

For other question, please go to FAQ or visit those websites:

You can also visit the UNIGE website:…

For questions relating to your studies, the regulations concerning student status and Swiss law, it is best to contact the CUAE (the University of Geneva student syndicate).