Construction Commission

The construction committees are discussion meetings open to cooperators about ways in which the new buildings will be created, aiming to accomplish common goals in the future accommodations, on all social, architectural and ecological levels. The committee meets regularly, according to the needs, and is coordinated by the people responsible for the cooperative’s construction projects. … Continued

1986-2016, CIGUË IS 30 YEARS OLD!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!! In 2016, we’ll celebrate throughout the year the 30th anniversary of the cooperative!!! No way to take a shot of old, take part in the festivities, it’s time to incorporate the “commission des fêtes” by writing to  


In collaboration with the Montbrillant district, La Ciguë organize a Christmas Market for the Cooperators of la Ciguë. Come take a ride to buy your gifts, but also to eat and drink !   The creation’s program: -artists’ editions (books, fanzines , serigraphs and others) -bicycle repair shop -homemade cosmetics -clothes -origami -knitwear -handmade jewelry … Continued

Christmas Market

  ->SUBSCRIPTION UNTIL THE 30TH OF NOVEMBER The Christmas market will be from wenesday 16th of december to saturday 19th of decembre, from 4pm to 9pm. Subcribe if you want a place at the market, feel free about your ideas: jam session, dance classes, food or drinks, DIY workshop, etc… Write an email to :

Pre-General Assembly Drinks!

Hi everyone ! You are all invited to : Pre-General Assembly Drinks !!   Tuesday 23rd of June from 17h30 to 19h in the multatuli common room (16-18 rue de Montbrillant, under the terrace) It’s a great opportunity for newcomers to get to know the Ciguë a bit better and to meet some new Ciguë … Continued

The post of internal relations is changing hands !

! Hey! The position of head of internal relations is changing hands ! Alexandra is taking over the post of head of internal relations from Marie, who will leave the post definitively on the 30th of june. Alexandra is thus your new point of contact for all that concerns internal relations of the cooperative. What … Continued

Launch of the inclusion and diversity discussion group

The Discussion group on inclusion, diversity and openness at the Ciguë  was created during the General Assembly of the 26th of March 2015, during which members of the cooperative brought up the need to discuss questions of inclusion and social, economic, cultural, gender, ethnic, and lifestyle diversity within the Ciguë.   This request follows discussions … Continued

Call for Participants – The Ciguë in short (videos) !

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION PROJECT The Ciguë in short (videos) ! Dear members of the cooperative,   It is sometimes hard for newcomers to understand the way in which the Ciguë works: attributions, committees, general assemblies and horizontal structures; for people who are not familiar with cooperatives it is at times difficult to grasp our methods, … Continued

Administrative Council (CA) elections on the 26th of March !

The following Administrative Council (CA) elections and election for the presidency of the Ciguë will take place during the General Assembly (AG) of the 26th of March 2015. All members of the cooperative can run for a seat on the CA.   Please read the following information thoroughly before presenting your candidacy: What is the CA? … Continued