Call for Participants – The Ciguë in short (videos) !



The Ciguë in short (videos) !

Dear members of the cooperative,


It is sometimes hard for newcomers to understand the way in which the Ciguë works: attributions, committees, general assemblies and horizontal structures; for people who are not familiar with cooperatives it is at times difficult to grasp our methods, and the long texts on our website on how to get a room, what happens in an attribution, the different committes, etc.,


So we had the idea to make small sketches : funny, even absurd, but instructive videos that we could put on our website to explain in an entertaining way the different structures and practices of the Ciguë. Ideally they will be rather short (from 15 seconds to 3 minutes each) and would explain one aspect of life in the cooperative (all subjects/ideas/aspects of community/communal/Ciguë life are welcome !).

We are therefore calling on you to find people who would be interested in contributing their ideas, writing, playing a role in, filming, or editing sketches. 

No experience is needed to participate; the idea is most of all to have fun creating something and seeing what we can do !


If you’d like to participate,
Send an email to Marie ( !



For the Ciguë,