***Attention ! Neither the Administrative Council, nor the Delegates manage available rooms. It is of no use to contact them to find housing. Please follow the procedures explained here.***


The General Assembly (AG) is composed of all the members of the Ciguë cooperative. It is here that the major decisions concerning the management and policy orientations of the cooperative are taken. the AG takes place 4 times per year, and is announced by mail.


The Administrative Council (CA) is composed of 15 people elected yearly by the General Assembly, including members of the Work Team (ET), housed members of the cooperative, and non-housed members of the cooperative. The CA is responsible for implementing the decisions taken by the AG, as well as ensuring respect for the statutes, regulations, and criteria for accessing housing. The CA can be reached by email at ca[at]cigue.ch.

The members of the CA 2015-16 are: Léa Hemmi, Tamara Bommarito, Ignace Cuttat, Davide Prudente, Kevin Bonvin, Ursula Lehmann, Marta Zencuchova, Ada Amsellem, Sebastien Perrot, Claudia Gonçalves, Marie de Lutz, Laura Couto-Rosado, Antonella Vitali, Aline Juon, et William Roussel.


The Work Team (Equipe de Travail, or ET), made up of the employees of the Ciguë, is the operational organ of the cooperative charged with managing everyday affairs. Equally members of the CA, the Ciguë’s employees apply the directives of the AG and implement decisions taken within the CA.

The members of the Work Team are:


The Delegate is the personne who links the Administrative Council of the Ciguë and to residents. For every housing group (large building or collection of apartments in a neighbourhood), there is one delegate or two co-delegates, elected yearly by the residents. Their role is to relay information from the Ciguë to residents and vice-versa, to create and implement projects relating to life in the cooperative, and to coordinate and follow up on issues and common projects in their buildings. The mandate of a delegate can be renewed multiple times by election. In exchange for their efforts for the Ciguë, delegates are compensated CHF 175 of their monthly rent if there is one delegate, and CHF 100 each if there are two co-delegates. If there is no delegate in your building or area, contact the person charged with internal relations to organize elections.

The Council of Delegates (CD) is currently composed of 13 delegates as well as the person charged with internal relations.

Below, you will find the list of current delegates and the houses they represent: [at]

  • Lancy (Ch. du Bac and Ch. Daniel-Ihly) : lancy@cigue.ch
    • Nouchka Barral
  • Ouches et Quartiers Saint-Jean, Charmilles, Châtelaine et Vernier: ouches@cigue.ch
    • Constance Brosse and Francesco Corradini


*Due to the unique functioning of the Clos Voltaire, there are coordinators who share the tasks of maintenance, delegates, and house management.

There are also a number of Ciguë committees that ensure the proper functioning of the cooperative and manage a variety of facets of its life, including the office hours for those seeking housing, attributions, parties and events, mediations in case of conflicts within falts, and other projects launched by members of the cooperative.

You can find more information on the committees under the “Participate” section of this site, or contact your delegate or the person charged with internal relations for the cooperative.

The Ciguë has a number of mediators who intervene upon the request of residents in cases of interpersonal conflict. They can be contacted at all times for counsel or to intervene at: mediateur[at]cigue.ch, or if you prefer, you can contact the person responsible for internal relations (Alexandra Roger).