What is the CA?
The Administrative Council of the Ciguë (CA) is composed of 15 individuals elected by the General Assembly (AG).
5 of its members are the work team of the Ciguë (salaried), elected for 4 years.
8 of its members are members of the cooperative (volunteers), elected for one year.


What does the CA do ?
The CA is responsible for implementing the decisions of the AG, as well as ensuring the respect of our Statutes, regulations and criteria for accèssing housing at the Ciguë.

The CA is a support to the work team for questions that surpass the daily management of the cooperative.

The CA prepares and proposes new projects for the cooperative, which are validated by the AG. These projects often go in the direction of improving, consolidating, and making the cooperative progress.


Who can be part of the CA?
All members of the Ciguë cooperative can present their candidacy to the CA. The procedure for presenting yourself to the Administrative Council is explained here (FR, procedure for the 30th November 2020 elections). Administrative Council elections take place once a year, generally in the automn.


How much time does it demand ?
The CA meets roughly once a month or every six weeks, generally for 3 to 4 hours towards the end of the afternoon.

The frequency of meetings can increase based on emergencies and priorities. Active participation and presence at meetings constitutes the core of the work of the CA’s members, as well as a regular reading and, when necessary, response to emails.

Some tasks can be delegated to particular members of the CA, based on their competencies and availability, often in order to advance a common project and prepare the following session.


Do I need particular skills to be part of the Administrative Council ?
No particular skill or competencies are required to be a member of the CA. Of course, if new members already have a firm grasp of the functioning of the cooperative or the associative sector and are already involved in the Ciguë, it facilitates their adaptation during their initial sessions.


The administrative council can be reached by email at ca@cigue.ch.