The post of internal relations is changing hands !

! Hey!
The position of head of internal relations is changing hands !

Alexandra is taking over the post of head of internal relations from Marie, who will leave the post definitively on the 30th of june. Alexandra is thus your new point of contact for all that concerns internal relations of the cooperative.

What is the post of internal relations?
“l’interne”, as we call him/her, is charged with a variety of responsibilities, amongst which, he/she is responsible for the internal communications relating to different committees and structures of teh Ciguë, is the spokesperson of the points of view and interests of members of the cooperative within the Work Team (ET) and Administrative Council (CA), coordinates a number of committees as well as the Council of Delegates, and organizes events including the annual Fête de la Ciguë and manages the administration of the website and other communication tools.

Alexandra in a few words…
I live in Petit Lancy, at Chemin Daniel Ihly, in a big house that is always open to everyone, especially when it’s nice out (we have a big garden too :)…). I received a diploma from the HEAD in 2014 and am in training as an intern in various associations since. The Usine, the vélodrome, Utopiana, or still Provélo, are some of the places you can find me running left and right :).
I believe in the importance of associations and am thus very happy to begin this position in the cooperative, and hope to meet those of you I don’t yet know very quickly. There are also certain houses that remain a mystery to me, and I plan on coming to visit you this summer.

And don’t forget that you too can participate in the Ciguë, it’s a great experience of autonomy and apprentissage of social life. The different committes are: the attribution committee, the permanences, the party committe, the mediation committe, the construction committee, translation committee, and the working group on diversity and inclusion.
You can alsao contribute to the well-being and decisionmaking in the cooperative by participating in the Administrative Council (CA) and Council of Delegates (CD) as well as the General Assemblies (AG), by the way the next one will be the 23rd of june at 19h with an apéro for newcomers at 17h30.
The Ciguë exists by and for its members… we offer you all our support (in physical presence, financially and as counsel) for all your projects and initiatives, but above all need your input to continue to develop the cooperative.
All this to say that we have many projects to continue together, some to launch, and parties to organize… like the Fête de la Ciguë next september.
Don’t hesitate to contact me,

078 624 35 39 ( merci d’appeler pendant les heures de travail)

Et quelques mots de Marie…
Hi everyone !

It was a real pleasure to work, have fun, and live with you these last three years. I am sad to be leaving, but I’m not going very far… I will stay at the Ciguë for now (as a housed member of the cooperative), and continue to carry on my projects in and around Geneva (by the way, our workshops are having, next 13th of june, an Open day of the new artists workshops at Aïre, at the Espace Verseuse ! Comme pay us a visit !

I will continue to fulfill the function of “interne” during this transition period, until the end of next month (30 june). You can thus continue to call me in case of need, or for ongoing projects, but Alexandra will be your new point of reference as responsible for internal relations and will take over in the coming weeks !! Welcome Alexandra !!!

For those of you who’d like to contact me for things other than the Ciguë, my personal email is (that way we don’t lose each other !) and my phone number has not changed.

Well then, Gros bisous and see you later 😉