The Ciguë launches its new visual identity! Logo and website!

“The logo is composed of 5 stylized houses that correspond to the five petals of the flower Ciguë (Ciguë is the French word for hemlock).
Their continguous relationship symbolizes the links that bring together the different Ciguë buildings, and the community that the cooperative forms. The “interior courtyard”, in the form of a pentagon evokes on its part the sense of coming together and exchange encouraged by the Ciguë.

The form of the logo recalls simultaneously a flower or sun, in reference to the ecological principles and respect for the environment practiced by the cooperative. The open doors of the homes express its welcoming spirit, accessibility, and openness on the Ciguë community.

…The visual identity can be applied either in black and white, or in black and acid yellow. The comibination of very contrasted colors, generally used for signaletics or to indicate danger, is a hint at the toxicity of ciguë (the plant hemlock) and illustrates the urgency of the housing situation in Geneva, marked by a shortfall of housing and explosion of prices. By distorting the use of these color codes, the Ciguë calls attention to the existence of alternative and innovative solutions to the housing crisis.”

– Notter & Vigne, the graphic artists and authors of our new visual identity.

Our best wishes for a great new academic year to all!