Photos & Credits ! Chapo Inauguration party

We hope you had a great evening at the inauguration party for the Chaponnière; from the look of the building afterwards, it went pretty well 😉

…At the bottom of the page, some photos from the party !

Big thanks to all members of the cooperative who helped out for the party, including:

Tanguy Westelynck (super thanks), Tristan Neri, Catarina Atalaia, Felicia Belhadj, Xenia Ferigoule, Daphné Girardin, Daria Zogg, Aline, Antonella, William, Claudia Tamara Bommarito, Delphine Ayrton and Johana Di Dio (yo !) who took care of the preparations, apéro, and decorations.

Al Amir (the restaurant downstairs!) for the buffet.

Oussenyou Ndiaye (AKA “Le Chef du Personnel”, AKA “Le Grand Sauveur”, géant merci!), Paula Sanchez, Alba Bescos (big big aussi !), Diego Sanchez, Monica Schütz, Emma Klacar, Anna Benedetti, Bérénice Schramm, Tristan Neri (encore, trop top), Hugo Hemmi, Arthur Besse, Axel Ava, Véronique da Costa, Maroussia Maurice, Nathalie Preisig, and Francesco Corradini who held the the bars at the party.

Alex Cariage (top hat merki), Benoît Cardon, Matthieu Vétois, Seb, William (encore et encore), DJ Wasulu et Nico Aloko,and all the guys from Bassment who brought the sound system and the sound, the music, the dancing!

Etienne Chosson for the wonderful party photos.

AND Antonin Cavalar, our civiliste, the grand, the handsome,the representative of ZE South-Side, who held down the fort from the beginning to the end, three days later. Big up.

To all those who we may have unfortunately forgotten from this list, our big thanks!

And finally, to our poor neighbours who dealt with us and the police who only dropped by once.

This party, like so many others, would not have been possible without you, Thanks !



If the publication of a photo in which you appear bothers you, contact Marie ( so she can take it down).