Workshop, Reception hours and Contact

If you want to join the committee, or for any question/informations, you can contact the coordinator Davide Prudente :

or by phone : 076 379 48 73

If you are currently living a difficult situation at home, or to join the committee don’t hesitate to contact us!

Contact :

Without your prior consent, all information transmitted to this address remains confidential.


Tout’ouïe Group

By offering shared housing, the Ciguë gives the opportunity to experience a unique
and enriching experience in which most of the cooperators will bond with their
The group Tout’Ouïe, formed by voluntary cooperators, was founded several years
ago. Because of housing situations with such proximity, it is possible that some
disagreements become burdens, making the coexistence difficult, tense, even


Process of Appeal

It is important to note that the process is yours and that we bring our support, but not
ready-made solutions. The aim of this process is to give you back the means to
manage yourselves as a community. The system that we offer is based on the
following principles:

1st step: The call

Someone contacts the group, by email, or by coming to the office during reception
hours or by phone. Depending of the availability of the volunteers, an individual
meeting will be organized to listen to the situation.
Let’s point out that the prior agreement of all flatmates is not necessary to contact the
committee. One cooperator can pass by alone if she/he feels the need to, without the
entire process being necessarily engaged.

2nd step: The individual meetings

The facilitators (voluntary cooperators following the process) organize a meeting with
the person who made the first call and ask who is involved in the situation. They will
organize individual meetings with each person and ask each one if he/she wants to
participate in the group reunion that will then be held. No one is forced to participate,
it remains a personal decision. The first individual meetings are entirely confidential
and note that during the group reunion, nothing that has been said during the
individual meetings will be told by the facilitators, who will only support the talk by
questions and reformulations.

3rd step: The group meeting

Once all people involved have been met with individually, the facilitators organize a
meeting with everyone. During this reunion, each one will be invited to tell how
he/she feels at that moment and how he/she feels related to what happened. The goal
is that everyone is listened to and also listens to what others have to say. Finally, the
flatmates will decide on “resolutions” or agreements that could satisfy needs that are
yet to satisfy (example: create a more precise cleaning schedule, eat altogether once
a month, etc.) These solutions will be found by the flatmates, not by the facilitators,
and will be custom-made so that they satisfy everybody.

4th step: The follow-up

During the next 2 months, a “post-reunion” will be organized to check if the defined
agreements have satisfied everyone and, if not, to change them or create new ones.
If needed, other “post-reunions” can then be organized until everyone is satisfied and
the dialogue reestablished for good.

This process therefore asks for everyone’s time, investment and motivation.

We remain available for any other questions or clarification,

Tout’ouïe Group