General Assemblies occur 3 to 4 times per year. Each member of the cooperative is invited and has 1 vote for all decisions. As the highest body of the cooperative, it is during General Assemblies that the big decisions concerning the Ciguë and its how it works are discussed and voted.

These few annual meetings are the place where democracy is exercised at the level of our cooperative, in the view of a notion of “autogestion”, or self-management, where we decide together of the direction to take, the things to accomplish, the rules and regulations, big future projects, and of the general policies of the cooperative more broadly, etc…

Debates are at times passionate, but most of all they are engaging and extremely important for the present and future health and stability of the cooperative.
The presence of all members of the cooperative is requested at General Assemblies.  Summons are sent to all members by email and paper mail at least 10 days before the AG.


During the last General Assembly, which took place at the end of March (see the PV, or minutes of the meeting, below), we held Administrative Council elections! Every member of the cooperative can become a member of the CA; there are no particular skills required to be elected. Nonetheless, a certain availability is required; the CA meets once every 4 to 6 weeks, and is kept up to date on current developments regularly by email.


General Assembly of the 26th of March 2015




General Assembly of the 6th of November 2014