Un nouveau projet d’immeuble Ciguë + Codha ! Vernissage du concours !

Suite à l’octroi en 2012 du droit de superficie de la parcelle sis 3 Sentier des Saules par l’Etat de Genève, les coopératives Ciguë – Codha ont choisi de développer un seul et même immeuble et d’organiser conjointement un concours d’architecture. Courant février, le jury a retenu à l’unanimité

Photos & Credits ! Chapo Inauguration party

We hope you had a great evening at the inauguration party for the Chaponnière; from the look of the building afterwards, it went pretty well 😉 …At the bottom of the page, some photos from the party ! Big thanks to all members of the cooperative who helped out for the party, including: Tanguy Westelynck … Continued

Inauguration of the Chaponnière!

Since last year, we purchased this beautiful XIXth century building and started renovations, it is now ready to welcome its future residents! 48 new rooms for people in training, in 9 new shared apartments, renewed in an ecologically respectful manner!

The Ciguë launches its new visual identity! Logo and website!

“The logo is composed of 5 stylized houses that correspond to the five petals of the flower Ciguë (Ciguë is the French word for hemlock). Their continguous relationship symbolizes the links that bring together the different Ciguë buildings, and the community that the cooperative forms.