Launch of the inclusion and diversity discussion group

The Discussion group on inclusion, diversity and openness at the Ciguë  was created during the General Assembly of the 26th of March 2015, during which members of the cooperative brought up the need to discuss questions of inclusion and social, economic, cultural, gender, ethnic, and lifestyle diversity within the Ciguë.


This request follows discussions concerning situations that lead or have led residents or seekers of housing to feel uneasy about certain aspects of communal life, whether at the level of their search for housing, in collective living, within their flat, or more widely in the cooperative.


A proposal was thus launched to create this discussion groupe in order to adress these subjects, in a first instance by bringing together the members of the cooperative interested, and identifying the different subjects and spaces in which these situations present themselves.


The group first met on the 16th of April 2015 to discuss these subjects and bring up a first set of ideas on how to move forward, what types of projects might come out of the discussion group, etc.,


To participate in the discussion group, or to receive the minutes of its meetings, please contact