Administrative Council (CA) elections on the 26th of March !

The following Administrative Council (CA) elections and election for the presidency of the Ciguë will take place during the General Assembly (AG) of the 26th of March 2015.

All members of the cooperative can run for a seat on the CA.


Please read the following information thoroughly before presenting your candidacy:

What is the CA?
The Administrative Council of the Ciguë (CA) is composed of 15 individuals elected by the General Assembly (AG).
7 of its members are the work team of the Ciguë (salaried), elected for 4 years.
8 of its members are members of the cooperative (volunteers), elected for one year.

What does the CA do ?

The CA is responsible for implementing the decisions of the AG, as well as ensuring the respect of our Statutes, regulations and criteria for accèssing housing at the Ciguë.

The CA is a support to the work team for questions that surpass the daily management of the cooperative.

The CA prepares and proposes new projects for the cooperative, which are validated by the AG. These projects often go in the direction of improving, consolidating, and making the cooperative progress.

Who can be part of the CA?
All members of the Ciguë cooperative can present their candidacy to the CA. The procedure for presenting yourself to the Administrative Council is explained here.

How much time does it demand ?
The CA meets roughly once a month or every six weeks, generally for 3 to 4 hours towards the end of the afternoon.

The frequency of meetings can increase based on emergencies and priorities. Active participation and presence at meetings constitutes the core of the work of the CA’s members, as well as a regular reading and, when necessary, response to emails.

Some tasks can be delegated to particular members of the CA, based on their competencies and availability, often in order to advance a common project and prepare the following session.

Do I need particular skills to be part of the Administrative Council ?
No particular skill or competencies are required to be a member of the CA. Of course, if new members already have a firm grasp of the functioning of the cooperative or the associative sector and are already involved int eh Ciguë, it facilitates their adaptation during their initial sessions.

Presidency at the Ciguë ?
According to the “Code des Obligations Suisse”, a cooperative must elect a president. At the Ciguë, the president is elected by the General Assembly once the new CA is constituted. The role of the president is predominately symbolic, with the exception of Article 20 of the Statutes which specify that the president acts as tie-breaker in the case of a deadlock within the CA. However, in practice the CA seeks consensus on all its decisions.

During the General Assembly of the 8th of May 2014, the members of the cooperative chose to elect two co-presidents. the co-presidents for the year 2014-15 are: Tamara Bommarito and Ignace Cuttat.


Procedure for presenting your candidacy for the Administrative Council (CA)

To guarantee the proper rolling-out of the elections, the following procedure has been adopted:

Procedure :

  • The present call for candidacy is sent to all members of the cooperative
  • The delay for submitting your candidacy for the Administrative Council (CA) or the presidency is the 19th of March 2015. Please note for which post(s) you are running, and send in your candidacy to
  • The candidates are presented to the entirety of the cooperative through a brief text explaining their motivations, convictions, projects, and other ideas. The names and presentations of candidates will be communicated electronically to members of the cooperative before the General Assembly.
  • Spontaneous candidacies, at the given time during the General Assembly, are accepted.


What should I communicate in my candidacy ?

The text sho9uld serve to present the candidate, his or her vision of the Ciguë, and what he or she would like to implement or defend at the level of the Administrative Council (CA).

To guide you in your presentation, the following questions are proposed to you:

  1. Who are you? (name, location of residence, studies…)
  2. What is for you the ideal future of the Ciguë, its best evolution?
  3. What do you like (or not) about the current Ciguë / what do you think should change?
  4. What would you bring to the CA?

Please send your candidacy to

If you have any questions about the CA, please email or contact the CA directly at

In the hopes that you will be many to run for the Administrative Council, the Ciguë sends you its warm greetings,


The Administrative Council of the Ciguë