For any questions of informations, volunteers are present at the Ciguë office every first Wednesday of the month from 6h30 to 7h30 p.m.

If you are currently living a hard situation at home, or wish to take part in the group, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Coordinator: Davide Prudente tel. 076 37948 73

Without your prior consent, all information transmitted to this address remains confidential.


Tout’ouïe Group

Offering shared housing options, the Ciguë offers the opportunity to a unique and enriching experience that represents for a great number of current and former members of the cooperative amongst the best years of their lives, one which has lead to lifelong friendships with those with whom they shared a home. Unfortunately, everything isn’t always pretty and there are times when cohabitation can become difficult, tense, or even conflictual. Generally, we like to solve conflicts amongst ourselves. However, an extra help may sometimes be needed to repair a situation that appears intractable.

To this end, the Ciguë has put in place a committee of volunteers able to listen in total confidentiality to all parties to a conflict, the primary objective of which being the restoration of communication.



It is important to understand that the process is yours and that we bring our support, and not ready-made solutions. The main goal of the process we use is to give you back the means to self-regulate yourselves as a community. The system that we use is based on the following principles:

1st step: The Call
One person contacts the group, via email, in person by coming to the office during the specified hours or by call. Depending on the availability of the volunteers, we will organise an individual meeting to listen to your situation.

We wish to point out that the preliminary agreement of the flatmates is not necessary to contact the group. One cooperator can come by himself if he feels the need to, without necessarily switching on the whole process.

2nd step: The Individual Meetings
After the first individual meeting, and if the person who has contacted the group wishes to go forth with the process to restore the dialogue in his flat, the other people involved in the situation will be contacted. In their turn, they will be invited to individual meetings and will likely be asked if they wish to participate in the group meeting that will occur. No one is obliged to participate nor meet us, it remains a personal choice to do so. However, we wish to underline the fact that these meetings are highly recommended for yourselves and is best for the members of the Tout’ouïe group as facilitators. The length of these individual meetings vary depending on everyone’s needs.

These meetings are totally confidential and you need to know that during the group reunion, nothing that you’ll have said will be told by the facilitators. They will only intervene to support the discussions by reformulations and questions.

3rd step: The Group Meeting
Once everyone involved has been met with individually, we will organise a group meeting. During this reunion, each person will be invited to share how they feel and what has happened. The goal being that everyone ends up being listened to and also listening to what others needed to say to them. Finally, you will decide on “resolutions” or “agreements” that could satisfy everybody’s needs (fake example: create a cleaning schedule, eat altogether once a month, etc.) The solutions will be found by the flatmates, and not by the facilitators, and will be custom made to satisfy everybody.

4th step: The Follow-Up
In the next 2 months, a “post-reunion” will be organised to check if the agreements you had defined have satisfied everyone and, if not, change them or find new ones. If needed, other “post-reunions” can be organised, up until you are satisfied with the results and the dialogue has been well reinstated.
This process therefore demands that everyone gives it time, investment and motivation.

We remain at your disposition for any other questions or enlightenment,

Tout’ouïe Group