The Ciguë’s ad-hoc working groups are launched according to the needs and requests of members of the cooperative. These groups can deal with any type of issue: a particular issue that affects members of the cooperative, or a more general need for reflection on questions relating to housing, etc.,


Currently, there are three working groups:


The discussion group on inclusion, diversity and openness at the Ciguë was created during the General Assembly of the 26th of March 2015, during which members of the cooperative brought up the need to discuss questions of inclusion and social, economic, cultural, gender, ethnic, and lifestyle diversity within the Ciguë. For more information, click here.


Futurs-Ex, a working group focusing on the “post” Ciguë and brining together those who wish to find or to create communal/participative housing with values similar to those of the Ciguë after having lived in the cooperative.


Groupe de réflexion finances, a group that discusses the Ciguë’s finances and its financial policies.


If you would like to participate in an existing working group, or would like to launch a new working group, contact Alexandra (