Whether it’s at the level of the Ciguë, of your building, or of your flat, the Ciguë encourages the creation of projects and events by our members. Amongst these are the monthly 15’BAR, the Coulou est à Vous neighbourhood party residents of the Coulouvrenière help organise, the Plein Air à Voltaire film festival organised yearly by the Clos Voltaire, or the events at La Piste de Danse organised during the summer of 2014 at Daniel-Ihly.

Of a recurring or impromptu nature, if you have ideas or projects and a desire to create, the Ciguë is an ideal place to find the people to help make it happen! There are many ways of starting, for example:


  • You can contact the delegate of your building, who can guide you, support you, or join you in a collective project,
  • You can contact the party committee, which organises a number of events and is always looking for people and ideas,
  • You can get in touch with the person charged with internal relations for the Ciguë, Alexandra, who is responsible for the coordination of a variety of committees as well as the relations and communications within the cooperative. The “interne” as we call the person holding the position, can orient you towards resources that will help you to implement your project, as well as publish and advertise your event or project on our website, facebook page, and by email.