Each large building of the cooperative elects once a year 1 or 2 delegates to represent the residents of the space, to transmit information, to create links between members of the cooperative in that building, but also between all members of the cooperative or residents of the neighbourhood. Delegates can guide you on the specificities of your building, and are your first point of reference.

The delegates have a small yearly budget to create and implement various projects to the benefit of all of the residents of the building (parties, meetings, dinners, projects like communal gardens, projectors, etc…). The delegates are responsible for welcoming and answering the questions of new residents. And finally, the delegates of all the different Ciguë buildings meet once a month to discuss ideas, issues, and more generally projects that could improve life at the Ciguë.

If you already have a delegate in your building, contact him or her to see how you can contribute to the life of your building and of the Ciguë. If you don’t have a delegate and think that your building should have one, send an email to deleguees@cigue.ch. You will find a complete list of the delegates on our website and to the right of this page.

When the mandate of a delegate is up, all the residents of the building are informed that new elections will take place, and each resident who wishes to do so can present themselves for the election.
The delegates receive a small indemnity for their work (CHF 175.- if there is one delegate, or CHF 100.- each if the position is shared by 2 delegates).


Below, you will find the list of current delegates and the houses they represent:


  • Ouches and Saint-Jean, Charmilles, Châtelaine and Vernier neighbourhoods: ouches@cigue.ch
    • Constance Brosse and Francesco Corradini


*Due to the unique functioning of the Clos Voltaire, there are coordinators who share the tasks of maintenance, delegates, and house management.