Permanence for cooperators is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm, then from 1:30 pm to 5:45 pm.
It is during this permanence that you must come to sign your lease.
Make an appointment online here.

For this you have to bring:
– an ID
– a student card (or attestation)
– proof of income (pay slip, certificate of scholarship, letter of support of the parents with the monthly amount, …)
– a certificate of liability insurance
– CHF 300.- for the share *
– 50.- CHF for the annual subscription
– the equivalent of 2 months rent (excluding charges) as security for the rent (guarantee) * / **
– the first month of rent

/// Without ALL of these documents, no lease contract will be established! \\\

The amount of the first month of rent, the guarantee of rent **, the share and the contribution is to be paid in cash at the time of signature of the contract or otherwise in prepayment on our Postfinance account:

Beneficiary: Ciguë, 1205 Genève

IBAN: CH94 0900 0000 1201 2868 6

But bring proof of payment when signing.

* The guarantee of rent and the social part will be returned to you on your departure provided it is up to date with the payment of your rents.

** You have of course also the possibility to open a locked-up guarantee account with the bank of your choice by mentioning the Ciguë as lessor.