The “party committee” is, as it’s name indicates, the party committee! It is the organ of the cooperative that organizes the famous annual Fête de la Ciguë, which generally occurs in September, but also the different events that happen throughout the year like the “15’BAR” – a party, apéro, or other event that occurs in a different Ciguë house every 15th of the month – or the Rallye Taméson, a biking competition between the different Ciguë houses!

In 2015, we plan on launching a “day of artisanry” (journée de l’artisanat) where members of the Ciguë can share their different skills and works !

We always need motivated people to bring us ideas, assist in the organization or management of events, or just lend a hand !

The committee is currently coordinated by Alexandra. If you’re interested, contact her at