The process of selecting a resident for a room at the Ciguë occurs through what we call “attributions”. This means that the residents of an apartment or house will get together and meet a certain number of candidates for an empty room, and subsequently decide who will occupy it.

When new accommodations are received by the Ciguë (and in certain exceptional cases), the attribution of empty rooms to the first members of the cooperative to live there is conducted by the attribution committee. The attribution committee is composed of volunteer members of the cooperative who live at the Ciguë. Three or four members of this committee organise one or multiple attribution evenings, in order to choose the future residents amongst the candidates.

The committee is currently coordinated by Doris. If you would like to participate, contact her at


** Please note that this committee does NOT respond to requests for registration. If you wish to register on the list of those seeking housing, you must present yourself to the office hours for those seeking housing, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 18h30 and 19h30. The attribution committe will in no case register you on the list of those seeking housing.**



This document is currently available in French only. If you have skills in translating from French to English and time to translate this document, please contact the Translation Committee by sending an email to